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Hi everyone and thanks for stopping to check out Change. Wash. Repeat.!  I started this blog to share my experiences with cloth diapering and to help out other cloth diaperers through the questions and challenges involved.  I started CDing only 5 months ago with the birth of my second son, Elijah.  It started out as something I just wanted to try out (I actually wanted to try it with my first but never got around to it), but it quickly became a love of mine.  Good thing, since I discovered E's actually sensitive (maybe allergic?) to disposables! I hope this blog helps open people up to how easy cloth diapering really is, answers questions, provides information and just gives a good read to other CDing parents out there!

Picture:  Elijah 6 months wearing Blueberry One-Size deluxe bamboo pocket diaper.  Check them out here: Blueberry Diapers !

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