Do you smell that?

The past few days I've been battling with STINK issues in my inserts and it's been driving me crazy!  It started with some terrible ammonia in my AMP 3-layer hemp inserts, and was followed by a similar but not as strong ammonia in my microfiber (MF) inserts.  After checking to make sure the water softener wasn't low on salt (we have VERY hard water without it),  soaking them for a few hours with detergent and washing my diapers several times, I was stumped as to why the stink wasn't going away!  I knew it wasnt residue because they had just been stripped the week before and so I went out to my local cloth diapering shop and picked up some Thirsties Pre-Wash.  The bottle claims a 1/2oz of the clear, odourless liquid is all you need to destroy the stinkies in your diapers and that over time it will keep them away, along with stains!  I threw my inserts into the machine, filled the soap dispenser with the pre-wash and let it do it's work as I crossed my fingers that it would work.  After a quick pre-wash, a hot wash with detergent and a quick cold inserts finally smell like nothing!  Not a single smell!  I haven't had them smell like this since they were new! On top of that, my stains were minimal compared to what they're usually like after pulling them from the washer :)  I'm a total convert and recommend this to anyone needing stink-control!  At $20 a bottle, it should last 64 washes which for me is about 5 months (~3 loads/week)...very worth it!

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