Cloth Liners...A Must Have When Out & About!

     I started using liners in E's diapers when he started solids, about 6 weeks ago.  A home I use flushable liners because it's one less thing I have to think about...I just pull it out of the diaper and either flush it or toss it into the compost bin.  Today though, we were out for the day and I realized how much I hate paper liners when I'm out and about.  I was changing Eli and ended up having to put aside this poopy liner, balancing it on the edge of the change table so it wouldn't fall onto the floor and make an even bigger mess!  After all the fussing with changing, redressing, putting away the dirty diaper, etc I still had to balance the baby and diaper bag in my arms while reaching for this liner to throw in the garbage.  And whereas a dirty disposable diaper you just close up into a neat little package, the poop on this liner is just sitting in the garbage can for the whole bathroom to look at.  
     So, here's how the situation would have looked at had I been using cloth liners:  I would have taken off the poopy diaper, put it all into my wetbag to deal with at home, put on a fresh diaper and have been done with it all!  Now, I guess with a disposable liner I could just do the same and throw out the liner at home, but the fact of the matter is I wouldn't remember to take the paper out and it would end up tossed into my washing machine with the diaper...a new mess to deal with.  
     Long story short, I'll be packing my cloth liners for trips out of the house from now on!  In case anyone's wondering, I make my own liners out of pieces of microfleece.  Cheap, easy and you can get some cute patterns :)

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