One big wet bag don't...

     Wet bags are great and most cloth diapering mama's would agree that trips out of the house are a no-no without one!  Today, I forgot to use my liners with E which taught me a major lesson in on-the-go cloth diapering:  DON'T put a poopy diaper into a wet bag without clearing off those solids first!  This poop wasn't 'shakeable' and so I left 2 diapers in my wet bag with the poop still on them and figured I would clean them off at home.  BAD idea.  The smell was overwhelming whenever I'd open up my bag, and when I would pull anything out to use it, it stunk!  I swear a cashier gave me a dirty look when I hoisted my bag up onto the counter and opened it up to get my wallet.  So the quick lesson of the day...always toss your dirty disposable liners when out or shake your diaper out into the nearest toilet before dropping it into your wet bag or you'll be getting the 'stink' face from everyone you meet!


  1. I had a good laugh when I read this as I've done this before AND when I got home I forgot about it til bedtime!!! Talk about SMELL!!. LOL

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  2. I have never cloth diapered before... but I love reading about it! I am a new follower from the Blog Hop. I am off to read more about your Fam and Cloth Diapering exp.

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    Can't wait to have another baby (hopefully SOON) so I can use cloth diapers!!!

  5. Haha! I had the same experience today. Mine wasn't too bad, but I had TWO poopies in one bag-it was a day of out and about-and it was a pretty gross clean up. I definitely couldn't smell it through the wetbag! That would be horrible!

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  6. Ewww, I can imagine it wasn't pleasant, lol.

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