Cloth Diapering Lingo!

    In the world of cloth diapering, there's a whole new language to learn.  Sometimes you get reading a blog, facebook page or anything else fluff-related and 3 sentences in you have no idea what's going on!  Some of this might seem really obvious, but it wasn't all the obvious to me when I started out so maybe someone out there might just get a hand from it!

Here's a list of the most common lingo and abbreviations you might come across:
aplix:  velcro
AIO:  all-in-one diaper
AI2:  all-in-two diaper
BG:  Bumgenius
CD:   cloth diaper
CPF:  chinese prefold
dipes:  diapers
doubler: an insert that 'doubles' the absorbency of the diaper
DSQ: diaper service quality
FB:  Fuzzibunz
FL:  front loader washing machine
fluff:  cloth diapers
HE:  high efficiency (washing machine)
HH:  Happy Heiny's
IP:  Indian Prefold
Lanolize:  adding lanolin to wool covers to make them waterproof
LO:  little one
PUL:  polyurethane laminate.  Added to covers to provide a waterproof            barrier
RnG:  Rockin Green detergent
"Rock a soak":   soaking your diapers in hot water with Rockin Green 
snappi:  a product that takes the place of pins in securing prefolds and 
sposies:  disposables
stripping:  a process of removing detergent residue from diapers

sunning:   laying your wet diapers out in the sun to bleach stains out

TL:  top loader washing machine
wet bag:  a waterproof bag to keep your dirty diapers in whie away from home
wicking:  when the wetness from inside the diaper gets pulled out to the outer  edges of the cover, causing the baby's clothes to get wet


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