Night-time cloth diapering...

    I think I've figured it perfect night-time cloth diapering solution!  Night-time cloth diapering can be tricky but well-worth it for mama's with little ones who are sensitive to disposables or for those who just don't want to deal with the ever-leaking disposables through the night.  
   With Benjamin, I used disposables exclusively and I distinctly remember waking up and changing him at least once a night for the first 8-9 months.  He'd always wake up wet because the diaper would leak and it was frusterating.  If only he could have stayed dry through the night I probably wouldn't have ended up such a zombie!
   With cloth, I had a few leaks in the beginning until I figured out what NOT to use at night, and then things just got better and better as I 'tweaked' the night diaper.  What didn't work for us?  Pocket diapers!  Understuff them and there's not enough absorbency.  Overstuff them and the poor little thing can't close his legs and there's so many gaps around the legs that it leaks again.  Also, the PUL is a bit breathable, but I wanted something that would breathe much better to keep potential rashes at bay and keep him that much more comfortable at night (comfort=sleeps longer=happier mama!).
   So what DOES work for us?  My secret weapon for my super-soaker is a Motherease Bamboo Sandy's fitted diaper, lined with a Thirsties Duo-Insert, all covered with a wool soaker.  Sounds like alot, but it's actually a very trim diaper compared to other things I've put him in at night.  It also breathes wonderfully, and most morning he wakes after 12-14 hours with some spots on the diaper still dry!  All the pieces of this diaper (cover excluded) wash up beautifully as well and there are no pieces that can rub up against Eli's sensitive skin an cause any chafing, etc.  The Duo-Insert is made up of a microfiber insert with a stay-dry top, snapped onto a hemp insert.  The microfiber holds lots of liquid, the microfleece top keeps baby's bottom dry, and the hemp holds onto more liquid again and protects from compression leaks.  I've NEVER had a single leak since using this combo and I'm hoping it keeps workng for me even as he gets bigger.
   This combo works for us but it took a lot of trial and error to get here.  What is your perfect night-time cloth diaper and why do you love it?

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