Insert Choices: Hemp!

      Hemp is one of the earliest known domesticated plants!  In the past 10 years, it's has become very popular and there are currently over 50 000 products that can be made from it; from food to textiles.  It's really taken off in cloth diaper products as well and is personally my favorite fabric for doublers.
What is it?
     Hemp is a fiber that's made from a cannibus plant.  It has the texture of linen which can be slightly rough and is why many doublers/inserts you find will be combined with cotton or fleece (usually in a 55% hemp/ 45% other blend).
Good points:
     Hemp is environmentally friendly because it comes from a renewable resource and can be grown without the need for pesticides.  It's super absorbant and stable; it isn't likely to leak from compression (baby sitting on it when it's soaked and squishing the pee out!). It's easy to wash and is less prone to residue than microfiber.  
Not so good points:
     Hemp is a slower absorber so if your little one has a forceful pee stream, it might not absorb quick enough and you could get leaks out the sides of the diaper.  It can also get pretty stinky if you get residue buildup...and hemp ammonia stink is a beast of a smell!   Hemp also requires prepping before you first use it which is more work than microfiber.

Some awesome hemp products!

   And that's the scoop on hemp!

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